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Thursday, 30 March 2017

S&P: watch and see

Pulling out of its recent down-swing, we watch to see if the index will be constrained by our speculative Resistance Line (purple), or if it will crash through this line to resume the up-trend. The up-trend has already proceeded beyond reason, and I won't be taking a long position. Should it bounce off the purple line, however, I am ready to resume a short.

(Published by me two days ago on Trading View).

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

S&P etc., Down-channel emerging

I think the down-channel of the SVP is emerging, and I have replaced my previous "Indicative Resistance Line" (green) with my new "Emerging Resistance Line" (blue). Time, then, not for exiting the short, but for strengthening it!

Same goes for the other American indexes. European and emerging indexes may suffer a little as well, but are not (as) over-priced as the American.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

S&P, DOW, NASDAQ: Monitoring the Downswing

S&P 500 and DOW 100 reached a peak on 1 Mar 2017, ending a charge that commenced last November.

The trend-line, "Long-term down-slope," indicates the possible top of the down-slope of the potentially-emerging Bear Market. If so, there will be upswings and downswings within this down-trend.

The "Indicative Resistance LIne" indicates a possible marker (Resistance Line) by which the end of the current down-swing can be guessed. In other words, if this line is breached in the near future (by SVP and/or DIA), I will judge that the present down-swing is over.

Nasdaq rises and falls farther than the other two. It will be interesting to see if it will now take a real plunge.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

DOW and NASDAQ to follow S&P down

The Dow, (here echoed in the DIA  ETF on the DOW 100, shown green), quickly followed the S&P, (here echoed in the SPV ETF on the S&P 500, shown blue), downwards, and then the NASDAQ (here echoed in the QQQ  ETF on the NASDAQ 100, shown blue), joined in the dip.

It is too soon to say if this is the beginning of a downtrend, (or just a temporary blip), but why not, since the indexes are overvalued?

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Short on the S&P ETF, SPV

I am betting that the Social & Poor index will take a bit of a tumble. While this ETF, which shadows the S&P index, will probably sink over the next three years right down to $160, my initial bet is to the 5-year Support Line, exiting the bet at $224.