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How to Make a Million

Someone said, a long time ago: “This is how to make a million. First, you start off with a million …”

That advice may not be necessary any longer. Now, you can start off with a thousand, use it to trade in stocks and shares, or in currencies, and, if you are clever, you can make a million.

In the recent past, instead of gaining, many of us have lost a lot of money on stocks and shares. This is not due entirely to the stock market crash, but to the mistakes we have made. In particular, we did not sell in time, despite, in retrospect, seeing that there were plenty of warning signs.

Having learnt from our mistakes, we can move forward with confidence that we now know how to profit from the market, be it bull or bear.

Firstly, the way we invest today is important: with online trading, we can buy and sell instantly, without suffering the delays that often saw the price of our shares collapse between the time when we contacted our broker and the placing of the order on the market. We can, also, be exact as to what price we are willing to pay or accept.

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