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Thursday, 19 March 2015

EUR/USD and Shares spike on Yellen's speech

I started out the year with a resolution to watch out for spikes. Yesterday's spikes were signalled by my dreams of the previous night, which warned me of an opportunity to catch flying balls. The spikes that materialised were the surge in the value of the Euro and in American share prices following Janet Yellen's speech yesterday. I had foreseen these on analysing my dreams, but been cautions about the Euro.

The chart shows the EUR/USD (blue line) overlaid with SPXL (Direxion 3X leveraged ETF, red line, marking the S&P Index).

Both graphs spiked in response to Janet Yellen's announcement that there will be no rise in the FED interest rate this month or next. The EURO, having shot upwards in response to that news,  has come down off its spike this morning, while continuing its gentle upward trend. American share prices also shot up and will follow suit in the afternoon when the American markets open, falling down from their spikes, but continuing their upward trend. (The American share prices had dipped first yesterday in fear of an increase in interest rate. The long straight lines connecting bursts of red graph activity cover the long nights during which the American exchanges are closed).

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