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Monday, 15 February 2016

DOW sticks to downward path

Repeating the chart I drew 9 days ago on shows DOW INDUSTRIALS INDEX sticking closely to the downward path I laid down with very little wandering off-track. The green curved line shows that there is considerable scope for varying from the path while still continuing downwards. At present the graph is half-way between the predictive curve leading to the expected bottom and the one leading to the worst scenario. Though there will probably be half-hearted rebounds along the way, the chart is on line to hit a bottom below 15000 by year-end.

QE and ZIRP (Quantative Easing and Zero Interest Rate Policy) brought the Dow to its 2015 height. Now is Payback time for QE loans, and the ending of ZIRP. These changes are sufficient to bring about a correction to the "expected bottom." A serious deteriation in world economics might cause a further plunge back to the "historic slope," which I guess would be the worst scenario.

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