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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Even Apple can' afford to move too far ahead of its Moving Average

Even Apple can't rise too far above its Moving Average by KrunchieKilleen on
Three Moving Averages are shown on the chart: 100 day, 50 day and 15 day. It can be seen, in general terms, that when the share price of Apple, from the very start, moved strongly above its moving average, it always suffered a correction that brought it down to earth. Since 2004, however, it has escaped from its 100 day moving average, and even, though not quite as successfully, from its 50 day moving average. However, it has never escaped for too long from its 15 day moving average.In July 2012, it had departed severely from this indicator, so August brought it crashing down, through the 15 day and right down to the 50 day average. It has, at the present time again moved too far from the indicator, and is now due a severe correction.

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