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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Euro to continue to fall against the US Dollar

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The Downtrend of the Euro against the US Dollar that began in April 2014 continues unabated. The movement is spectacularly smooth, reminiscent of (though not quite as steep as) Downtrend B of 2008, which brought the value from a high of $1.57 right down to $1.27. Since the American Economy continues to strengthen (while Europe languishes) and the end of ZIRP in the Dollar zone (but not in the Euro Zone) is inevitable, and Long-term Support Line A is decisively breached, there seems to be nothing to stop the downtrend along Line D until $1.1, or thereabouts, is reached.

The following chart shows the historical effective FED interest rate. It is clear that Zero interest rate is an anomaly and will end very soon. It reached a high of 19% in June 1981 and sank to Zero in November 2008.

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