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Monday, 12 January 2015

Spotting spiking shares

Publication of quarterly reports is often preceded by a spike in share values. Here is a list of shares whose quarterly reports (Q3 or Q4) are due shortly. I will have a look at their charts to see which, if any, are likely to spike.

  • KB Home Q4 13 Jan;
  • Intel 15 Jan Q4;
  • Ryanair Q3 2 Feb;
  • Santander Q4 3 Feb before market opens;
  • Linkedin Q4 5 Feb;
  • Alcatel Lucent Q4 6 Feb.
KB Home:

As last year, it may have a spike after results announced tomorrow morning, Tue 13 Jan. Over the last year, the Resistance Line has been falling, but there is support at the present level. Resistance Line and Support Line are converging, so one or the other must give. Expanding economy, the USA, I would expect Home Building to be doing pretty good. Worth a punt, if we can get in early! Place order to buy not above $17 and exit at $18.


Intel has had a good year, but is on a downswing. Following last year's pattern, it won't spike on quarterly report, but could be a long or medium term punt; for this place an order to buy at the Support Line (at present this would be $36). However, bear in mind that the Nasdaq is due for a substantial correction, which would probably bring Intel down with it. Maybe we should hold off for the time being.


 Last year's rally began around 20 Jan, when the price bounced off the Support Line. This year, it is just coming off a magnificent upswing that went from October to December. The price could now continue to fall right back to the Support Line. Pass.


 Well, this Spanish bank has dipped to the Support Line, and Soros has just now bought bonds. However, a quick, bouncy spike? I don't think so. Pass.

This time of the year usually brings a spurt; however, we would have been disappointed last year, when the share continued on a severe downtrend until April, after which it made a great recovery and continues the long-term uptrend. If a correction in the Nasdaq were not imminent, this would have been a good bet for a bounce off the Support Line. I am not too sure it will happen.

Alcatel Lucent:

The trend is downwards, and still seems to have some way to go, no matter that the company is  reported to be doing very well. another pass for me!

Summary: that's one Punt and five Passes for me!

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